OSDC.tw 2014 Calls for talks

The OSDC.tw 2014 will be on 2014/4/11-12 at Academia Sinica.

We would like to call for talks from 2013/12/24 to 2014/2/9.

If you have any open source projects, ideas. Please share it with us.

Each talk would be a 40 mins session, please submit your talks with subject, abstract.

OSDC.tw 2014 即將於 2014/4/11-12 於中研院人文所舉行

今年徵稿時間將從 2013/12/24 開始,至 2014/2/9 為止

如果你有任何 open source 相關的計畫,或是想法,歡迎跟我們分享


チケット種別 販売期間 価格
入場券 ~ 2014/02/10 00:00(+0800) 販売終了
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